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Sometimes, ministers of the Gospel are the biggest problem.

“Abortion and Planned Parenthood will never end until pastors realize God will hold us accountable for our intensely defended indifference to the innocents being slaughtered down the street from our church-houses. It’s no wonder simple Christians living under the authority of such pastors are silent about Planned Parenthood’s murder of little babies. Add the R2K ridiculosity and the witches brew is vintaged finely.”


Pietism and True Spirituality

Many Christians seem to be shocked that they are requested, demanded actually, to keep their faith to themselves. Religion is a private affair, unless it benefits whatever the current cause du jour might be. This trend was well illustrated when US president explained the first amendment (of the US constitution) as “freedom of worship” rather than “freedom of religion. Big difference. The former is pietistic, which is acceptable to a secular ruler; the latter is too broad, and might lead to people actually acting as though they believed their faith to be true! This helpful article uncovers Pietism as the problem.