On Tolerance, or, Will the Millennials Even Listen?

Twice in the past couple of days I have been reminded that to reach Millennials, Christian theology will need to morph to their tastes. The first instance was a reminder that, since Millennials care so much about social justice, and that being of the neo-Marxist, care for the poor with other peoples’ money variety of social justice, the church needs to demand more of government. As if government hasn’t done enough TO the poor already. The second is that it says somewhere in the Bible not to judge at all, ever, and the is the very heart of the Gospel.

This note from the Matt Walsh blog is helpful on the latter.

You Can Change the World in Just Five Easy Steps!

“Taking action is perhaps the wrong word, though, since what is most often necessary is deliberate inaction. For example, if every Christian in America who claimed to be pro-life would simply refuse to vote for any candidate—regardless of party—who supports abortion, the abortion laws would change within two election cycles.” –Joe Carter

This guide might come in handy!


Examples of this dynamic here.