Black History Month: The Libyan Slaves of the 21st Century.

Thanks to the darlings of the American Left, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, Libya has been destabilized to the point that an African slave trade has resurfaced. The irony is that the Democratic party, the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, school segregation and other racist activities paints itself as friends of the African American. After orchestrating Qadaffi’s death, then Secretary of State Clinton joked, “We came, we saw, he died.”

I wish to dedicate today’s Black History Month to the modern slaves, who are in the position they are in because of failed Democrat US foreign policy. read more

An Explanation of Islamic Rage | A Self-Repost

I wrote this in April of 2011. Seems apropos now.

The Koran was recently burned by a Florida pastor, Terry Jones. In response, UN aid workers were attacked and killed in Afghanistan. This has become a predictable outcome when some Muslims are aggrieved. A few years ago, Danish cartoons, some with pointed messages, some quite benign, and some created by Imams to create even greater outrage, caused widespread protest, rioting, and bloodshed.

Real or perceived slights to the Koran or to the prophet Mohammed are often met by violence, rage, rioting and murder. Many times, it is a Christian or a Christian community that is attacked. This is greatly due to the fact that in the Islamic world, it is (incorrectly) assumed that the West is Christian, and thus, if the crime of desecration occurred in the West, it was a Christian action. read more