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The Pagan Easter.

Alright, Christ-followers, you may not like this post. It might make you feel very uncomfortable.  It makes me uncomfortable.

This week I’ve been studying the origins of Easter. And, friends – I’m disturbed when I realize how many of our present-day holidays and celebrations have roots in Paganism. It’s confusing and upsetting, to say the least.  And it occured to me – as UNCOMFORTABLE as it is, I have to seek wisdom about the things I do in my life, including traditions like Easter.

If I am so inherantly against Halloween because of its blatant Pagan and Occult connections, wouldn’t I be a hyppocrate if I weren’t willing to take a critical look at other culturally accepted ‘holidays’? Happy Easter?

I am not claiming all of this as truth, I am simply saying, this is what I’ve found in my research.

The roots of Easter are actually found LONG before Christ was on this earth. The name “Easter” is not biblical in the slightest and many scholars agree it is directly attributed to Pagan gods and godesses, most notably, “Eostre” (also known as Ishtar) the goddess of Spring and/or fertility who is said to have originated in Babylon.   Her occult simbols included the bunny or rabbit. read more