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Christian Theology Course (Newest Material at Top)

Christian Theology Final Exam

Session 11, part 2, Eschatology

Session 11, part 1 Union with Christ

Session 10: Church Leaders and Governance

Extra! Peter Jones’ lecture series, “Only Two Religions.”

Session 9, pt 2

Lecture 9, pt 1

Explaining Modern Culture

The Rise & Fall of Secular Humanism

Carl Jung’s Alternative Spirituality

Paganism in the Shadows

Paganism in the Spotlight

Pagan Sexuality

From Personal Spirituality to Worldview

Where Is Society Headed?

Unbiblical Responses

Articulating an Biblical Worldview

Thinking with a Discerning Worldview

Lecture 8, pt 2

Lecture 8 pt. 1

Session 7 Lecture

Supplement to Session 7: The Magnitude of Sin

Supplement to Session 7: The Results of Sin

Supplement to Session 7: Scriptural Examples of Sin

Lecture 6 PowerPoint, Part 1

Lecture 6, Part 1 Audio

David Helm on Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology

Supplement: David Helm on Biblical and Systematic Theology: Watch the video or download the audio! Great Listen!

Session 5 Lecture

Session 5 Audio

Session 4 Lecture

Lecture 4 Audio

Supplement to Salvation topic Salvation’s Symphony — all lessons

Audio For Session 3 here:

24 Jan 17 pt 1a

24 Jan 17 pt 1b

24 Jan 17 pt 1c

24 Jan 17 pt 2a

24 Jan 17 pt 2b

24 Jan 17 pt 2c

Session 3 Lecture

Supplement on the Filioque Controversy

Session 2 Lecture

Christian Theology Entrance Exam

Special Powerpoint Presentation for 10 January 2017 (note: these are large files–I recommend you right-click, and save file to your computer before opening):

Session 1 Webinar Part 4

Session 1 Webinar Part 3

Session 1 Webinar Part 2

Session 1 Webinar Part 1

Documents for course:

Addenda to Syllabus

Bible Reading Plan (required)

Required Reading: Christianity and Liberalism – J. Gresham Machen

Introduction to Interpretation (Fall 2016):

Special graphic for Old Testament Wisdom Literature:

Song of Solomon, Literally Illustrated.

Powerpoint: Most recent on top





UPDATED! updated-introduction-to-biblical-interpretation-lecture-17



introduction-to-biblical-interpretation-lecture-14 (Revised and corrected: please disregard previous upload).



updated: introduction-to-biblical-interpretation-lecture-11





introduction-to-biblical-interpretation-lecture-7 1-samuel-17 outline





Supplement to Lecture 3: Chart of the Old Testament Canon

Supplement to Lecture 3a: Study Bible Sample of Ephesians


Introduction to Biblical Interpretation Lecture 1


Assignment 5: Gospels and Acts: assignment-5-worksheet

Assignment 4: Old Testament Prophets: assignment-4-worksheet

Assignment 3: Parables; Word Document: assignment-3-worksheet

Assignment 3: Parables: PDF assignment-3-worksheet-parables

Sample Worksheet on Ephesians 2:11-22

MS Word Document assignment-2-worksheet

PDF: assignment-2-worksheet

MS Word Document: assignment-1-worksheet

PDF: assignment-1-worksheet

Supplementary Readings

From Desiring God: “Don’t Say God is Silent With Your Bible Closed.”

This is a great story, and it applies to our Bible reading and study. It is called, “The Student, the Fish, and Agassiz” You can find it here.


G13 Introduction to Interpretation Fall 2016

Bible Reading Plans

calendar m’cheyne

Read Bible slowly in 2015


Vocabulary List


Bible Software

e-sword (free)