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February 21, 2012

The Beautiful Boy With Down Syndrome

The Beautiful Boy With Down Syndrome

A beautiful boy with Down Syndrome showed up this morning with his loving mom and grandma at the Panera Bread where I led a men’s Bible study. His presence reminds me of this tragic statistic: About 90% of those who find out their child has Down Syndrome abort. That percentage is astonishing and saddening.

Even as I type this post, he’s laughing and playing. He sometimes looks over and smiles at me. God, who is wise, good, and powerful, made him (Psalm 139:13-16). So he is valuable. He has worth. He is made in God’s image. His life matters. He is a gift from God (Psalm 127:3). He deserves love, care, and respect, and he always did–even in the womb.

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He's since dropped out of High School, after receiving death threats . . .

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The public schools won’t teach the true history of Islamic wars, jihadi holy wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements. Public schools won’t teach the root cause of the Israeli/”Palestinian”conflict — Islamic Jew-hatred as mandated in the quran. Public schools won’t teach the truth about the most oppressive and extreme ideology on the face of the earth, the sharia — the stonings, honor killings, death for apostasy, death for free speech, FGM, dhimmitude, slaughter of non-Muslims, but they’ll make our children pray to a false god that commands jihad, genocide and Islamic imperialism.

James Harper, Grand Junction High School Student, Quits Choir In Protest Over Plans To Sing Islamic Song ‘Zikr‘ (VIDEO) Puffington Ho (hat tip John F)

When a Grand Junction High School men’s choir made plans to sing an Islamic song called “Zikr,” an upbeat rhythmic song that is not intended for a worship ceremony, one high school senior quit the choir in protest, 7News reports. But, the school district is siding with the music teacher.

James Harper, a Grand Junction High School senior and Christian active in his local church, was part of the all volunteer high school choir until his instructor Marcial Wieland made plans to sing “Zikr” which has lyrics that translate from the original Urdu to, “There is no truth except Allah” and “Allah is the only eternal and immortal,” according to Fox News. The student choir sings the song in the original Urdu.

Harper told KREX in Grand Junction:

I don’t want to come across as a bigot or a racist, but I really don’t feel it is appropriate for students in a public high school to be singing an Islamic worship song. This is worshipping another God, and even worshipping another prophet — I think there would be a lot of outrage if we made a Muslim choir say Jesus Christ is the only truth.

However, district officials defended the teacher’s song choice. Wieland, who understood there could be objections to the song was open with the parents and students when making the selection telling them that students do not have to participate in the voluntary choir if they object, according to CBS4. Wieland also passed around an English translation of the lyrics and encouraged them to view the YouTube video below which features the music, written by Muslim composer A.R. Rahman.

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