For the Sake of the Children, Keep the Schools Closed

Doug Ford making every Ontario kid (and their parents) suffer because the perennial hotspots Toronto and Peel can’t or won’t get their acts together is not understandable.

“Chris Selley: Doug Ford has seriously harmed Ontario’s school kids. Now he has to fix it

Premier Doug Ford wants a ‘consensus’ among experts on the question. That’s a bit like asking Canadians to agree on a favourite colour”

This article is correct in calling out the fact of massive sadness and depression among young people, and by placing the blame upon governments and their enablers. This has been a disaster.
Where it misses the point, by far, however is the insistence that children are depressed to the point of suicide because they are not in school. Children have seen every major family gathering cancelled, missed birthdays and holidays, all under threat of arrest.
Kids don’t really know the nuances between criminal behaviour and bylaw infractions. They are told they could be responsible for the sickness or death of loved ones if they hug or even visit. They’ve seen their parents’ stress through job loss, loss of joy in living, loss of future plans.
There is plenty of depression and sadness to go around when schools are in session. This article perpetuates the myth that school provides essential socialization. Children should be much happier to be with family than they are in school, but the family is under state-induced stress to a level that hasn’t been experienced in many years. We are entering a new dark age, and the children know it.
Children see the absurdity of social distancing and mask theatre. They have been fed fear, and submission to the fearful, to a toxic level. Children see that there is something wrong with the hypocrisy of governments that either reward or punish behaviour based upon group identity. They are keenly aware of basic unfairness.
None of this will be solved by reopening the schools, especially if their teachers treat them like germ infested vermin. The teachers’ fears will be clear.
This article also skirts over the matter of toxic ideology in the school system.
Ideologically, the authority over the family assumed by modern educators is merely evil at best. The state-run and separate schools submits the interests of the family to that of the school, the “co-parents” of the child, so that the child is taught that the normal family isn’t the norm, and kids are bullied into accepting the unacceptable: transgenderism and same-sex marriage. But these two examples are but illustrations of the larger problem of a pretended neutral and secular education system. Marxist economics and Critical Race Theory must be added to this list as well.
No Christian child should be made to feel ashamed of their faith, but this is the intent of the curriculum in many cases.
All education indoctrinates—that is normal. But what is wicked is when it is done without any admission on the part of the educators that they are doing so. Modern state-run education operates from an explicitly anti-Christian worldview. In the name of inclusion, diversity, and secularism, state schools claim an objectivity and neutrality that cannot exist. Education is never neutral. So with the authority of the system comes the authority to declare Christ to be dethroned. The modern education system is a meta-narrative that explains all else.
To fight this depression, we must stop (today) doing the things to their world that brings it on. They need to know that they are safe at home, and that schools will not contradict, demean, and defeat the values they are taught at home. Their parents need to know that they can plan for their birthday and holidays. Children need to know that they can drop and see grandma without fear of bringing her death.
It is already assumed that a child as young as 12 can consent to transition from their sex to one that will never be their sex. This is with the school’s encouragement and intervention, and without parental knowledge or consent. How can parents be certain that an injection will not be administered to their child without their permission?
Sending kids back to school right now, given the above, is a ticket to their long-term and certain misery.

“You’ll own nothing and be happy about it.” You sure about that?

The Great Reset, Davos Agenda 2021 - 'You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy' - Alex HickmanThis is a must-read, right from our own Federal government. The merry band of thieves in Ottawa exhibits no awareness that the financial difficulties of the average person are in fact caused by government intervention, taxation, and meddling. Whether it is housing affordability, inflation, high energy costs, failing healthcare programs, student debt, consumer debt–all can be traced back to either incompetence or intent.
Nowhere does the article mention the billions (if not trillions) wasted in ideological projects, cronyism, waste, scandals, kickbacks, and misguided attempts to modify economic reality. Nor is there any mention of curtailment of government spending. On the contrary, “You will own nothing, and be happy about it” means that everything you own will be owned by the government, including your paycheque. We will be on government rations for life: food, fuel, mobility, housing, healthcare (already there).
Without property rights, there are no other human rights. Economic freedom is the bedrock of other freedoms.
We will naturally expect that the writers expect to be excluded from the consequences of their plans. They will, if history is any indication, personally thrive from this “reset.”
Those who created the mess now propose a solution. This solution comes at a historically high price for families and individuals who are called of God to create a just society. The Federal solution will be in the name of Social Justice but will be anything but Just: it will create a world that is antithetical to God’s order for economics.
There is no major political party that will stand against this–although some feeble protests will be made–this is where the LPC, CPC, and NDP are headed.
The only way out of this, that I see, is a revival of the Christian faith in Canada. I do not mean more churches and more programs, with the t-shirts, coffee mugs, and “Jesus junk” that is so easily marketed. I mean a real calling upon the Name of the Lord.
We can never legislate ourselves out of hell, and unless our hell-bent world chooses life in Christ, our society will fall to this.
It is anti-Christian for the church to go full Hezekiah now (Isaiah 39:8).

If you disagree, at least tell the truth about it.

Hurricanes, Storms and Pirates - Pirate Ship Vallarta - BLOG
There are some accusations floating about that those of us who struggle to keep our churches open are doing so out of a misidentified sense of courage or a thrill found in being defiant. In short, we are enjoying this too much.
This is slanderous. To ascribe thrill and enjoyment to men who faithfully work to be obedient is to bear a false witness against them. I know of no pastor who enjoys this or is somehow excited by it.
Each Lord’s day we start off with eager anticipation of what God will do, and the blessing of fellowship. And each Sunday we experience pain in the pit of our stomachs wondering what can go wrong, and how we came to this. Thrill? Yes, I suppose the same thrill that comes from meeting a bear on the trail.
We get it that we interpret Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 et al differently. But at least tell the truth.
This poem summarizes well what we experience:
Thy sea, O God, so great,
My boat so small.
It cannot be that any happy fate
Will me befall
Save as Thy goodness opens paths for me
Through the consuming vastness of the sea.
Thy winds, O God, so strong,
So slight my sail.
How could I curb and bit them on the long
And saltry trail,
Unless Thy love were mightier than the wrath
Of all the tempests that beset my path?
Thy world, O God, so fierce,
And I so frail.
Yet, though its arrows threaten oft to pierce
My fragile mail,
Cities of refuge rise where dangers cease,
Sweet silences abound, and all is peace.
– Winfred Ernest Garrison