Prolife Smashmouth Incrementalism

[Scott’s note: this interview was given before the Alabama Pro-life law was signed by the governor.]

Doug Wilson recently visited the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity and was interviewed by Ryan Eras of the Institute. in this podcast, Wilson outlines what is at stake in the abortion debate, and how important it is for Christians to get their terminology, categories, and above all, their God right. You might be surprised that abortion is the “epicentre” of the culture wars, and is the blood sacrifice of secular democracy.

Download the full interview here.


Ending Abortion

There is some debate within the pro-life community regarding how abortion ought to be banned: completely, all in one act of legislation, or incrementally, bit by bit and over time. No one argues that abortion, in any form or at any time ought to be legal, but can it be outlawed all at once?

Doug Wilson on how, and why, abortion will be eliminated. Excellent read.