Did You Fall Off Your Chair Yet?

Today (Tuesday) is the day that we were supposed to “fall off our chair” when we heard the new Covid-19 modeling. I think Mr. Ford may fall off his chair as he overreaches the limits of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
We are now being warned, threatened really, with a collapsing health care system as it will be overloaded by Covid cases. But the public must never allow this smokescreen to be deployed—the health system in Ontario has had shortages, rationing, delays, and hallway medicine for nearly 20 years. People have died because of the failure of politicians and administrators to reign in costs, hire and pay staff, and control the burgeoning hospital bureaucracies.
Recently, the CEO of our local St. Joseph’s Healthcare system was dismissed because it was learned that he traveled in December to a warmer climate. He was fired for the travel, but it ought to have been only for the hypocrisy of being on the lockdown team and thinking that the rules did not apply to him. Anyone ought to be able to travel, but the hypocrisy spoils the public trust at a time we can ill afford.
To make his dismissal easier for him, he was awarded a contract buyout of $1 million dollars to be paid out over the next two years. I have no idea how many hospital beds that could buy (and we are not short of literal beds, or spaces, but the staff to care for those in the beds). Again, note the disconnect between those with golden parachutes on the public dime and those whose businesses and lives have been destroyed. Taxpayers pay for the hospital CEO’’s salary and buyout, and there is nothing for those who truly suffer. It is time to look at those who write the contracts.
We have seen years of waste, scandal, graft, and cronyism in all Ontario government departments for years now. Covid is an excuse to cover incompetence, and the public is blamed for failure to comply, although compliance is very high.
Warnings are being issued that care will be rationed, and some patients may need to be euthanized to best utilize resources. Truth is, all healthcare is rationed at some point, and in a public-only system such as in Canada, the reality of rationing arrives much earlier than where a private system is allowed. Issuing threats like this is an act of desperation—it makes hostages of us all.
A representative system of government such as ours can only work when those elected are held accountable, and at this time many of our leaders are depending upon our being distracted enough that we don’t. In the future, our leaders must never be allowed to get out of a press conference or town-hall meeting without these points being raised. Then they will have cause to “fall off their chair.”
Hang on to your seats! The article is here.

We Need a Churchill

August 1940.

Imagine if Churchill said, “You just won’t believe what the Luftwaffe is going to do. You’ll fall out of your chair! I’ll make an announcement Tuesday.”
Facing a real threat, the people knew what the Luftwaffe could do and they knew what they had to do.
They took meaningful action and were not play acting.