Because Kids Who Attend Public School Are So Well Socialized.

As might have been predicted, the way to prevent tragedies such as the Sandy Hook shooting, is to further regulate homeschooling. This, of course, makes sense, because kids who attend public school are so well socialised.

How to Pray for Your Preaching

Thomas Boston wrote this in 1699, and it is as true now as ever. Failure to pray through a sermon is failure to preach well:

“(1.) That thou mayst have a word from the Lord to deliver unto them; that thou mayst not preach to them the product of thy own wisdom, and that which merely flows from thy reason; for this is poor heartless preaching.

(2.) That thy soul may be affected with the case of the people to whom thou preachest. If that be wanting, it will be tongue preaching, but not heart-preaching.

(3.) That thy heart may be inflamed with zeal for the glory of thy Master; that out of love to God, and love to souls thy preaching may flow.

(4.) That the Lord may preach it into thy own heart, both when thou studiest and deliverest it. For if this be not, thou shalt be like one that feeds others, but starves himself for hunger; or like a way-mark, that shews the way to men, but never moves a foot itself.

(5.) That thou mayst be helped to deliver it; and that, (1.) With a suitable frame, thy heart being affected with what thou speakest; (2.) Faithfully, keeping up nothing that the Lord gives thee; and, (3.) Without confusion of mind, or fear of man.

(6.) That thou mayst have bodily strength allowed for the work, that thy indisposition disturb thee not.

Lastly, That God would countenance thee in the work with his presence and power in ordinances, to make the word spoken a convincing and converting word to them that are out of Christ; a healing word to the broken; confirming to the weak, doubting and staggering ones, &c.; that God himself would drive the fish into the net, when thou spreadest it out. In a word, that thou mayst be helped to approve thyself to God, as a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Thomas Boston, The Whole Works of Thomas Boston: A Soliloquy on the Art of Man-Fishing, ed. Samuel M‘Millan, vol. 5 (Aberdeen: George and Robert King, 1849), 34–35.


Just the Truth

Relentlessly Call Abortion What It Really Is

John Bloom speaks graphically and accurately on a matter that we need to keep in mind as we work and pray for the end of abortion in our land. His article, Relentlessly Call Abortion What it Really Is” strikes to the heart of the matter,

The killing of children can be tolerated and even championed as a social good so long as we don’t call it what it is. Call abortion an individual’s right to privacy and you can write it into the legal code. Call abortion a compassionate choice offered to a frightened girl to save her future or to save a child from an undesirable quality of life and you can swing popular opinion. Call abortion a liberation of women from the social and economic oppression of male dominance and passionate people will march on capitols chanting demands to preserve the human right of abortion on-demand.

He continues,  

We have allowed legal child-killing on-demand for 41 years because we’ve called it something else… Here’s the point: truthful tongues save lives. Legalized abortion is an evil that occurs and is tolerated because of deceptive words. And it’s truthful words that are required to clear the fatal fog with clarity.”

This is why we must call abortion what it is – murder. 

About Small Churches

“I propose that the following is true about the New Small Church

We are not sick

We are not failing

We are not stuck

We are not incompetent

We are not limited in our vision

We do not need to be fixed

We are not less than…

We are God’s idea.

We are small. Because we are small we have blessings to offer the body of Christ, our communities, our cities, our nations and our world that no one else can offer in quite the way we can.”

Vaters, Karl (2013-01-02). The Grasshopper Myth: Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking that Divides Us (Kindle Locations 216-224). Kindle Edition.