Because Kids Who Attend Public School Are So Well Socialized.

As might have been predicted, the way to prevent tragedies such as the Sandy Hook shooting, is to further regulate homeschooling. This, of course, makes sense, because kids who attend public school are so well socialised.

How to Pray for Your Preaching

Thomas Boston wrote this in 1699, and it is as true now as ever. Failure to pray through a sermon is failure to preach well:

“(1.) That thou mayst have a word from the Lord to deliver unto them; that thou mayst not preach to them the product of thy own wisdom, and that which merely flows from thy reason; for this is poor heartless preaching.

(2.) That thy soul may be affected with the case of the people to whom thou preachest. If that be wanting, it will be tongue preaching, but not heart-preaching. read more