In what matters most, there is no difference between President Obama and any potential Republican Rival

Actually, in many ways, important ways, there are great differences between the President and those seeking to become president: the economy and how to heal it, the size and role of government in business and individual life, to name two big ones. But there is another level which is not discussed, nor analyzed by pundits and commentators. It is rarely mentioned; never, anyway, in popular media. But it a matter where a difference in approach would offer a clear choice to voters; it would change everything. read more

The Holocaust is on us, and we have no right to know the cost.

“Since no level of government has released cost figures for abortion, we can only estimate what the direct costs of abortion are.”

Tax-Funded Abortions

Who pays?

In Canada, almost all abortions are paid for by taxpayers. In British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland, abortion is paid for under the publicly funded system whether it is performed in a hospital or private clinic. In New Brunswick, hospital abortions are paid for by taxpayers but private clinic abortions are not. No abortions are performed in Prince Edward Island. The province does cover abortions performed elsewhere if they have been declared by a doctor to be medically necessary and have been pre-authorized and approved. read more