Is this offensive? It’s not one of the infamous “Danish Cartoons” but certainly in the same spirit. I don’t remember where I found it, but I did not create it. Back to the question, “Is this offensive?” One of the reasons that Westerners, living on a borrowed Christian worldview and culture (rapidly fading from memory), are not so upset about religious satire is that the Christian faith began with a martrydom, and has been fueled by martyrs’ blood ever since. read more

Perhaps a little housekeeping can get this back on track. Back in the BBS days I wrote volumes on the Wittenberg Door (note the CORRECT spelling) BBS. I was the owner of the site. All sorts of ideas were discussed, but most were on faith/atheism/philosophy/apologetics, etc. Of course in those pre-internet days, only one person could be logged on at a time, and we needed a dedicated phone line. There were probably more than 20 active BBSs in Hamilton at that time, and we had a lot of activity.

This seems to be as close to the old BBS as it gets. read more