Prolife Smashmouth Incrementalism

[Scott’s note: this interview was given before the Alabama Pro-life law was signed by the governor.]

Doug Wilson recently visited the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity and was interviewed by Ryan Eras of the Institute. in this podcast, Wilson outlines what is at stake in the abortion debate, and how important it is for Christians to get their terminology, categories, and above all, their God right. You might be surprised that abortion is the “epicentre” of the culture wars, and is the blood sacrifice of secular democracy.

Download the full interview here.


An “Emotional” Issue It Is.

For decades pro-life folk have been patronizingly reminded that, “Abortion is an emotional issue.” With a pat on the head and a sympathetic frown, we have been told in so many words that we are too emotional, too fragile, too unstable to discuss abortion rationally. We let our emotions run away with us. This by media types, politicians, and those whose own emotions never seemed to get in the way of compassion for the victims of abortion.

With the real threat to unfettered access to abortion on the horizon, we can now see who is being emotional. With new abortion laws in Alabama and Georgia, plus prolife victories in other fronts, the prochoice side is in a panic. Dramatic (and false) claims are made that to remove abortion is to prohibit contraceptives (they are not the same, as abortion always must follow conception), women dress up like breeders from A Handmaid’s Tale to protest (gaslighting Christians, actually), and boycotts are demanded. Maybe Neil Young will write another song.

But the population in general have caught up to the fact that the “product of conception” is a human life. No amount of screeching, no platitudes, no legislation can change that fact. Ironically, it is the prochoice group who stand the most to lose from abortion. Of the 60,000,000 abortions committed since 1973, a vast majority of those children, had they been allowed to live, would be raised by prochoice mothers.

As to the trope that “the prolife movement is the war on women,” please enjoy this short history lesson.